Friday, July 9, 2010

Forebear Friday

This would have been taken around 1950 in the West Indies. It's my Mum, Julia (on the right) and her brother Piers.

On the back of the photo is written:

"Going down to the Beach in St Vincent with Di the garden girl."

I love how she's carrying everything!

Leave a comment and let me know if you have an old photo on your blog this week.

Have a nice Friday. xx


Frog, Goose and Bear said...

What a very interesting life your mother has had!

Di the garden girl is so very clever - she must have been a mum herself - adept at doing a thousand things at once!

TK said...

thats some balancing act!!!!

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Hi Hannah, my father grew up in Rhodesia and I have memories of visiting my grandparents and seeing all the people carrying things on their heads....we used to practice with books :-)

PS Ethan my No 1 son and I are pretty sure we saw a few kicks in the waist area of Clover (not that she has a waist) so hopefully she is heavy with calf. She is breathing shallowly and not keen on running after Douglas and Deidre when they race off down the laneway.! Will have to do a post on my handsome Bull, you will love him! My cows are Dexters so they are only half size....thats why Clover looks so round, she has short little legs :-)

Frog, Goose and Bear said...

I just tagged you for a blog award if you are interested in playing along. Head on over to find out details. No pressure though.