Friday, October 29, 2010

A few things...

1. I've been a bit slack at blogging recently haven't I? Oh well, life just gets in the way. I've just taken over the  uniform shop at school so have been concentrating on that the last few weeks. I think it's all under control now though so shouldn't take up much time.

2. I've just put my Madeit shop on "holiday mode". My Etsy shop is still open though. I've been having a bit of a break so haven't been promoting them at all which is the good thing about Etsy and Madeit, they just sit there and if you need a holiday you can take it.

3. The bougainvillaea has finally flowered. I'm not sure what I did but it hasn't had any colour on it for a couple of years so I'm glad I haven't killed it.

4. The maple tree (or whatever it is), on the other hand, hasn't got any leaves on it yet...what's with that? I'm really hoping it's OK because it's such a lovely tree. My MIL thinks it was late to drop it's leaves this year so maybe it's just running a bit behind schedule.

This is the neighbours one which ours usually looks like

This is the Elkhorn or Staghorn (can never remember) that we've been watching since it was the size of a fifty cent beautiful

5. I put a Kirb button on my sidebar (just under my profile), so you can check out my kudos and leave me some if you feel so inclined. There's a picture of me there as well. I'm sick of trying to hide my identity. Enjoy!

Hope your all having a nice Friday. What are you up to today? I'm going to try and get Forebear Friday back up and running next week in case anyone's wondering.



Baa-Me Kniits said...

Lovely beaugainvillea! I am not much of a plant person...I have jade plants on the porch because you cant kill them!

That geocaching looks fun, is that up round Manly Dam area??

doing a Darth Maul costume for halloween?? My boys thought that was awesome :-)

I was going to try an Etsy shop for my booties and felt brooches but it is such a lot of marketing if you want it to work and I don't have the time, spend too much time on the computer as it is!!

PS Clancy is no longer entire and if he keeps crawling thru the electric wire fence with gay abandon he will be going....he doesn't seem to feel it???

Posie Patchwork said...

Gosh lots on, wishing your tree some leaves soon. The uniform shop, hang in there, it's a thankless task for the P&C. Our lady does Tuesday mornings & that's it, the last clever uniform shop manager cleverly set up an on line ordering system direct from the supplier, pay & everything, brilliant, just collect from school & we still get 10%. Works very well. Love Posie

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh i should say that's our primary school, for my eldest daughter's private girls school, we have 3 different suppliers with completely different prices for the same pieces at different stores all over Canberra. It's exhausting!! Love Posie

june at noon said...

What a beautiful color in those flowers! (And welcome back!)

clare's craftroom said...

My daughter started High school this year and that ended 8 years of clothing pool for me , phew !
Your garden is looking beautiful , lovely photos .

Maxabella said...

I'm like you - I compare my trees / flowers activity to the neighbours and fret when we're 'late bloomers'. They usually kick through so I'm sure your Maple is fine. x

Tania said...

If it's any consolation, a rogue apple tree appeared in our front garden, precisely, it seems where a certain mother tends to throw her apple cores. It proceeded to grown nearly two metres within nine months and kept ALL of it’s leaves until six weeks ago. Now covered in leaf buds...