Wednesday, March 31, 2010


...that Ella hasn't been invited to a birthday party for months and when I went in to drop in her invitations in the pre-school pockets this morning, what was waiting in hers? an invite to another girls party...same day, same time! All the people we were inviting already had another invite in their pocket, so they either had to choose between parties or I needed to change the date of ours. I went home, printed out some little slips of paper with the change of date on them and when I picked up Ella I put one with each of our invitations (which were luckily all still there). Problem solved...oh and I had to make one more invite, because the girl whose party Ella had been invited to hadn't been invited to Ella's, whoops. All good now so onto some sewing.

Here's another pin cushion, not sure I like it as much as my first one, I used white thread and am sure that wasn't the best move.

I recently discovered this wonderful blog written by Mai. She just does the most amazing things and all by hand, so last night I thought I'd give it a go and made this pouch all by hand while watching TV. I followed Mai's tutorial, but obviously did mine a bit larger and I top stitched on the zipper, which I'm not sure turned out that well. Never mind, it was fun and I love this fabric.

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