Monday, May 3, 2010

Followers gadget

I hadn't really thought about adding a followers gadget until a kind commenter mentioned it the other day. I never use them on anyone else's blog, I just subscribe through Google Reader so it didn't seem important. But after doing some reading about the followers gadget it seems to be a great way to get readers to come back (please come back!) and to let other readers find more blogs like yours, so I added one...look to the right under the archive bit.

Photo courtesy of Wood Cottage Farms

So, who's going to be my first follower? Come on, don't let me have none for too long!


Pam said...

Ha! It's me Hannah! Thanks for letting me know and thanks also for the mention! What a lovely thing to do. x

Frog, Goose and Bear said...

I love the proof that there is actually someone out there reading my blog. happy to become a follower.


Jill and Michelle said...

Hi there

I'm following you too. Hope you get lots more!! Oh, and I love your new business cards!


lynnie said...

sign me up ..count me in..i am along for the ride

Baa-Me Kniits said...

You are racking up the fans ;-) Love the baby chickens and their mummy!

Tracey said...

Just found your lovely blog and thought I would be a "follower" too. I have been undecided about having a follower tab too - sometimes it is easy to get too caught up in how many followers you have/don't have, etc. However, since adding it I have actually been able to have some great conversations with people and it probably has improved my blogging experience. Ok, that was a long comment for me - I think I need more tea. Nice blog, look forward to seeing what else you have to show! Oh, and I love Doctor Who, Jane Austen and my family history too xx