Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dodgy Door Flap

The doggy door broke the other day week

and it's finally gotten cold enough for me to want to try and fix it, so I found an old nappy and some curtain material

and sewed it all together and ta-da

a new dodgy doggy door flap! No close up photo I'm afraid as it really is dodgy but at least it keeps out a lot of the cold air.

I had to get the little bridge out again the other day. Our old dog Cody used to use it when he got too old to jump up and down from the door. What was that? You want to see Cody? How can I say no.

The last photo is him at 14 years, just before he died a couple of years ago.

Anyway, when he was gone, we took away the bridge because the other dog, Wicket, could do the door just fine. The other day I noticed Wicket having trouble so back came the bridge, the only problem now is that Wicket is too chicken to cross it (probably his bad eye sight). He looks intelligent enough don't you think?

Oh well, back to the drawing board. It might turn into a ramp or some steps or something but in the meantime Ella is using it as a surfboard.

Hope you're all having a nice Tuesday. xx


Kate said...

I must say I was waiting for the Ella sticking her head through the doggy door pic the whole way through that post, but the surfing the bridge one was pretty good too. Hope you are having a great Tuesday too. X

Lucy C said...

I love the 'old man' Cody photo. There are so many Staffys on the rescue pages. Liker I mean b'zillions. Very sad. I've been hunting for a rescue whippet but they are very hard to come by.

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Maybe Wicket thinks you are trying to get him to walk the plank?? He's not silly! Cody looks lovely :-) We used to have a staffy too!

Catherine said...

Brrr it's cold, I don't blame you for fixing it up. I hope it's keeping out the cold. And your doggy poking his head out is very cute.:)

Tania said...

Gotta admire the fortitude of a kid heavily into surfing.

Wendy said...

good for you for fixing it up! Our doggy door was left open and the water pipes froze up...don't try that at home, kids!