Friday, June 18, 2010

Lots of gifts!

On Tuesday my SIL, Kyla, came back from visiting Africa and America. Yesterday she came over to visit us and get her fix of the niece and nephew and she had two huge bags of gifts for us all! Some of the presents were from Kyla and some were from my BIL, Ben, and my other SIL, Debbie, who live in Boston, Massachusetts. Thanks so much guys...your the best!

First of all look what I had for breakfast this morning! Yummy Grape favourite.

Tomorrow I'm going for toast and jam.

Check out all the clothes we got. The kids got some too, but I haven't got a picture of them yet.

Shane's Celtic's t-shirt

We got matching trackie dacks. I didn't want to take mine off for the photo.

The kids got some great stuff as well.

Bath paint

Remember shrinkydinks? Joe's pointing to his favourite pictures.

And I got this great plate from Africa

We also got a supply of chocolate...I'm surprised this is still around actually, the chocolate pretzel containers looking very empty.

Thanks again Debbie, Ben and Kyla!


Wendy said...

Love that plate from Africa!

Frog, Goose and Bear said...

I fell in love with reese's peanut butter cups in america about 12 years ago - I occasionally see them for sale here in Australia and I have to purchase! Those bath paints look fun! Would go well with our baths....

sophie said...

I think putting the peaut butter cups in the freezer should definately help...
They taste great cold.

Claire Gale said...

hey did you know grape nuts are great added to the base of cheesecake for abit of crunch. you can't get them here, but i used to use them in the uk!

Julia said...

The apple never falls far from the tree Hannah! Grape Nuts are my favourite too! You can get them here in Australia in a roundabout way:

but it's nicer when they come as a gift from someone who knows you well!

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Lovely! I really like that plate from Africa :-)