Sunday, December 12, 2010

Trip to the Tip

We've been doing a big garden clean up this weekend so a trip to the tip was in order. I'm apologising now for any trailer envy caused by this post...sorry.

Here's us arriving at the tip and removing the tarp. Shane likes to think he is the best tarp tie-er downer-er (??) in the world, no movement from that little sucker all the way to the tip. He also managed impressively not to jack-knife the trailer as we backed into position... not that it was close or anything.

Next the back of the trailer comes here's where your thinking the rake comes out, we climb into the trailer and start pushing it all out, yes... Ella (fairy dress and all) starts winding the trailer...what??? a tip trailer??? Here's where the trailer envy starts I'm afraid.

All tipped up and now all Shane has to do is get back in the forward a tad...

...and voila, the neatest pile of garden waste you've ever seen. See all the people behind us in the line...they're all using rakes and getting all dusty (not that we were having a giggle or anything).

We don't even have to take a broom to the tip to sweep out the trailer. We just tip it back to horizontal, chuck the tarp and straps into the back of the car and we're off.

I should mention that the trailer is homemade by Shane's Dad, brilliant design. Now I have to pack it full of all our camping stuff for our next camping trip.

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend. xx

PS - check tomorrows post where I write about meeting another blogger!


Posie Patchwork said...

Oh, yes, trailer envy, that is simply awesome!! My husband is quite the trailer expert, it's a super large green 4WD one which cost a million dollars. He can also reverse around corners to perfection BUT we do NOT have a tip trailer, good GOD that is brilliant!! We have the small children who have to hop in with brooms & set off hayfever allergies they don't even have!!
I had to laugh with the tarp tie down, honestly, if it's not tied down & cyclone proof, it's just not leaving the driveway. All the fancy knots my husband ties, it's insane. Then he tries to teach our 4 children all the hitches, truckie knots, sheep shanks etc, they are NOT in the Army you know!! FYI our tip is 2km down one road, could NOT be easier to get to & i've secretly used the trailer tarpauline free, shhhhh . . . love Posie

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Love the trailer! Also had to laugh when you mentioned going camping with it as I used to go camping up the coast and that is how my partner at the time unpacked.... Just tipped it all out on the sand! Note he is no longer my partner. LOL.

willywagtail said...

I can just imagine Ella winding it up when you reach your camp site and the lovely pile of camp goodies landing on the ground somewhere out bush. What a greatinvention.Definitely outside the square. Cherrie

Jill said...

What a great trailer story. We used to hire/borrow one once a year to do our garden pre-cyclone clear up. I remember the shame of trying to reverse the trailer at the tip, being watched by everyone, who got more and more frustrated as the queue behind me got bigger and bigger as I tried and failed again and again!! Thankfully our house now has only one palm tree so we don't have to do a big clear up now!! I'm mega impressed at how tidy your pile of garden waste was too!!

sophie said...

Don't repack it quite yet - I need to borrow it! XXX

Barbara said...

Hello Hannah, Lovely to hear from you at this hectic time of year!
Oh that trailer is the ultimate garden helper ... there is such a jungle here, I've been concentrating on indoors and sewing, in the meantime the garden has become out-of-control ...
Happy Christmas, love Barbara
ps Love the crochet star on your tree