Friday, April 16, 2010

I got My Pin Cushion!

Thank you Stephanie (Moobear Designs) for sending me the best pin cushion package ever! (minus the 80's fluro one...that was a joke!)

I got a gorgeous round pin cushion made from scraps of my favourite colour red fabric, love the birds and the shade of red is perfect. It's even got my name embroidered onto it! Stephanie also made a small brooch from the scraps of the scraps, very cute.

The fluro pin cushion was Stephanie's little joke because I said "I like most colours just stay away from 80's fluro", so what did she do...yep, made me an 80's fluro pin cushion...the cheek!! Luckily she made it so you could hide most of the fluro fabric if need be...phew.

And here's the 80's fluro one with the fabric tucked away, hopefully never to be seen again! (Although Ella's taken quite a liking to it so I don't think it will stay like this for long)

Thanks again Stephanie!! (I tried to email you but it bounced back, will try again later)

And thanks to Kate for organising it all, you've done a fantastic job!


Rosalind said...

Nice score there! Love your wedding shoes and muffins :-)

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Isn't that the most divine Pin cushion!!! Too nice to put pins in it. I love the fabric and the matching brooch and that embroidered name is lovely :-)

Kate said...

Yay, I LOVE it! I love the fact that Stephanie sent you the fluro one too, too funny. What a great package. Thanks so much for being a great swapper. X

Stephanie and Carlos said...

YAY... Oh I am so happy you like it!! Bit of a bummer if you didn't. How strange is it to see what I made on someone else's blog?! I love that neither of us made the traditional square ones either... How could I not make a fluro one?! Not sure why the email isn;t working... try responding directly to this post from your email and see what happens... otherwise sdot(at) hopefully works!!

Now to blog some photos of my pin cushion. My photo library has been very temperamental...

XO Steph

Stephanie and Carlos said...

Hiya Hannah... a friend of mine missed out on the pin cushion swap so she is organising a hair clip swap... If you want to join in head over to my blog and check out the link on my side bar... Hope your pin cushion is behaving!!

xo Steph

garcia.mari said...

Awesome pin cushions! How do you get involved in these craft swaps? I'm a bit of a newbie and want to stretch my wings a bit and swap help me think out of the box!